Create a GitLab Pages website from a CI/CD template (FREE)

GitLab provides .gitlab-ci.yml templates for the most popular Static Site Generators (SSGs). You can create your own .gitlab-ci.yml file from one of these templates, and run the CI/CD pipeline to generate a Pages website.

Use a .gitlab-ci.yml template when you have an existing project that you want to add a Pages site to.

Your GitLab repository should contain files specific to an SSG, or plain HTML. After you complete these steps, you may have to do additional configuration for the Pages site to generate properly.

  1. On the top bar, select Main menu > Projects and find your project.
  2. On the left sidebar, select the project's name.
  3. From the Add ({plus}) dropdown list, select New file.
  4. From the Select a template type dropdown list, select .gitlab-ci.yml.
  5. From the Apply a template dropdown list, in the Pages section, select the name of your SSG.
  6. In the Commit message box, type the commit message.
  7. Select Commit changes.

If everything is configured correctly, the site can take approximately 30 minutes to deploy.

To view the pipeline, go to CI/CD > Pipelines.

When the pipeline is finished, go to Settings > Pages to find the link to your Pages website. If this path is not visible, select Deployments > Pages. This location is part of an experiment.

For every change pushed to your repository, GitLab CI/CD runs a new pipeline that immediately publishes your changes to the Pages site.

To view the HTML and other assets that were created for the site, download the job artifacts.