Introduced in GitLab 15.5.

GitLab provides an SCIM API that both implements the RFC7644 protocol and provides the /Users endpoint. The base URL is /api/scim/v2/groups/:group_path/Users/.

To use this API, Group SSO must be enabled for the group. This API is only in use where SCIM for Group SSO is enabled. It's a prerequisite to the creation of SCIM identities.

Not to be confused with the internal group SCIM API.

Get SCIM identities for a group

Introduced in GitLab 15.5.

GET /groups/:id/scim/identities

Supported attributes:

Attribute Type Required Description
id integer Yes Return SCIM identities for the given group ID.

If successful, returns 200 and the following response attributes:

Attribute Type Description
extern_uid string External UID for the user
user_id integer ID for the user
active boolean Status of the identity

Example response:

        "extern_uid": "4",
        "user_id": 48,
        "active": true

Example request:

curl --location --request GET "" \

Update extern_uid field for a SCIM identity

Introduced in GitLab 15.5.

Fields that can be updated are:

SCIM/IdP field GitLab field
id/externalId extern_uid
PATCH /groups/:groups_id/scim/:uid


Attribute Type Required Description
uid string yes External UID of the user.

Example request:

curl --location --request PATCH "" \
--form "extern_uid=sydney_jones_new"